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Dragged my pet to Home Depot the other day to get some Bounty Paper Kitchen Towels. Finally put it to great use. I looked like a dork pulling it along since it’s JUMBO. But who cares if it takes the load off my shoulders and arms! Ok, I lie, I do care, a little; adjust my fringe/my hair every alternate street I walk, try to look cool with a headphone, listening to music. Trying to blend into the trendy NY crowd with jeans and a random jacket and running shoes when everyone is in some leather jacket, colourful jeans and dress shoes/high heels with scarf and sunglasses.  Laughable it was. I probably looked worse trying to act cool. But heck! It’s me and my pet going for a walk! =)


We bought 2 ears of corn at the Farmer’s market over one of the weekends, and I steamed them recently to try. Both tasted very crisp and extremely sweet! The sweetest corn I’ve had in my life! Ok, ONE of the sweetest…The other one had a worm but I just chopped the affected portion off and it was ready to be steamed! :)


Saw this thing at NY Mart in Chinatown yesterday; I don’t think I’ve seen it before:It’s called Prickly Pear in english. The fruit of a particular cactus (仙人掌).

The more I look at it, the more I seem to have seen it before…somewhere…I think…


Home Cooked Food:

Dinner of pan-fried beef, fresh carrots and baked sweet potato (sous vide then bake to allow it to caramelize and become sweeter):yc can really cook steak now! He’s an expert at getting the right texture and doneness I like! =) Of the exact tastiness, not too rare for me (slight pinkish meat) and sealed with the juice; it’s just perfect. I’ve never, never had such good steak ANYWHERE. But that’s because I’m really fussy; I don’t like my steak oozing with blood as I slice it or the meat being anywhere near raw so I typically get them to deliver a medium-well steak which never fails to turn out dry and tough.

We recently bought a bunch of Kale just to try it out. Verdict: FAIL. It’s sweet but we can’t seem to appreciate the toughness of the leaves. Extremely fibrous and difficult to chew/swallow. Don’t think we’ll buy this again. :(

The 3-cup chicken, recipe of which I got from Rasa Malaysia website. The number 3 is derived from the 3 main ingredients – sesame oil, chinese rice wine and soy sauce. Her picture of the dish looks a whole lot darker than mine because I didn’t use dark sweet sauce. Not a lot of it. Just a little since I’ve already marinated the chicken for a couple of days. Adding the amount of sauces she recommended might make the end product too salty for consumption. Looks a tad dry but it wasn’t. Still juicy on the inside :)

And, my version of Jap Chae:I call this the funny vege/Christmas tree vege, I think its proper name is Romanesco Cauliflower:I love this more than cauliflower or broccoli! Easier to handle too because for broccoli, the florets drop all over the place!

Then we have the otah-like salmon:Brine than sous vide the salmon to retain maximum tenderness and then stir fry with curry and coconut milk.

Thit ba roi kho/Caramelized Pork Belly braised in coconut water:I failed in this dish though, the sugar refused to caramelize so that the gravy may be thickened. Sadly, it became a soupy dish but still AWESOME in its taste! Especially the daikon that soaked the gravy like a sponge! Maximum taste in there when you bite into the daikon!

Also, for perfect hard boiled eggs, please go here.

Its definitely more troublesome, but if you’re doing more than a couple of eggs, might as well get them all perfect!

Then there’s this wild rice which we tried:This is my first and last time trying this sort of rice! Got to double cook it every time else it’ll be too hard! And the husks don’t digest properly. Don’t ask me to describe how I know this because it’s just too graphic…Just believe me, the husks do NOT get digested!

I know, the presentation of our food is terrible, but as long as taste is there, we are happy people! :)

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